We all see the damage being done by our addiction to smart phones and social media. Children are especially at risk. Yet over half of kids between ages seven and 11 have a smart phone, and nearly all do by the time they reach their teens. It's hard for parents to deny their kids smart phones when all their friends have them.

But what if parents banded together and supported one another to say No Phones For Kids? That will of course mean different things for different people at different times, but every step toward breaking free from smart phones and social media will mean happier and healthier kids, parents and communities.

Here are ways you can join the No Phones For Kids movement:
- No smart phones for children and young teens.
- No smart phones in schools.
- No smart phones with data.
- No smart phones with social media.
- No smart phones without parental supervision.
- No smart phones at night.

This Washington Post article tells the story of a psychiatrist whose work with children convinced her never to allow her own children to have smart phones.

This NPR article explores the harm caused from giving smart phones to kids in middle school.